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The production capability

With the support of well-equipped facilities, we are able to perform the production of stone and sand material best for your various infrastructure development projects.

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Production 20K m3/month

We were able to do a production of 20,000 m3 / month for the size of the stone Sand Casting, Aggregate Class A & amp; B, and Stone Dust: 1/1" , 1/2", dan 2/3".

a short distance

 The distance from the location of Quarry to Port + 500 meters, making the loading process more efficient.

Loading Capacity

Load capacity of 3,800 M3, 1-3 Barge per day, and can be customized as needed.

Wide Capacity

With a capacity of 3 port Barge 270 feet, can be leaned by 3 long side simultaneously, and can be customized according to the needs.

loading simultaneously

The ability of the equipment is sufficient to perform three barge loading simultaneously.

Loading port

Madya Prakarsa's Port is an open sea with point coordinates:
E 119º 48'40.7"; S 0º 49' 40.4"

Process Quarry Stone & Sand

01. Equipment

We mine the Rock or Stone spindles in the quarry using equipment, among others, Bracker, Excavators, and Wheel Loader.

02. Breaker

Breaker works by destroying mountain rocks contained in
stone walls and the ground or in the form of lumps, then separate them into pieces measuring about specific + 20 s/d 40 cm. 

03. Displacement

Fractional rock was then loaded on a dump truck to be moved to the location of Crushing Plant (Milling).

04. Material

Log Stone that have been mined and transported to shelters (Stockpile) milling is called raw materials / row material is ready to be produced into a stone with a size of 0-50 mm, 10-20 mm, 20-30 mm, 30-50 mm and Dust stone.

05. Stages of Production

Raw material is inserted into Hopper (Talang Escrow) Reciprocating then escorted down to the Primary Jaw Crusher for grinding prime.

06. Distribution

From the Main Conveyor Jaw Jaw to Secondary (Double Jaw) for dicrush again later channeled to the primary vibrating screen.

07. Displacement

From Vibrating Screen to distribution to the Main Conveyor Stockpile by division as follows:
Stockpile Split size 1 1/1; 2 Stockpile Split size 1/2; 2 Stockpile Split size 2/3; Stockpile Split Size 4 3/5; 2 Stockpile Split Dust Stone.

08. Milling

From Vibrating Screen Material that has not escaped the screened will return to the jaw Secondary (Double Jaw) through Return Conveyor for grinding back up in accordance with what has been planned.

09. Sand Casting

While Sand Cast Concrete with the suction of the river Palu Alkon wearing suction machine then filtered / screen with the size of the fine and coarse.

10. Loading

After the sand is deposited on Stockpile (Buildup Material) then loaded into dump trucks to be moved to a field in the Port Load Stock.

11. Opname Stock

Once the material is available in the Stockpile then performed Taking Stock of division logistic to determine the amount and quality of materials.

12. Reporting

The amount of material split stone and sand on Stockpile reported to the production and marketing to be marketed and distributed to customers.

13. Loading

Materials that have been available in the stockpile is then loaded on dump trucks and mobilization to ship Barge or Barge appropriate volume capacity.

14. Together Measurement

We measured jointly between the owner of the material / supervisor with the customer material / supervisor (Ship Captain) for making a measurement Minutes.